About us

We are a business startup advisory company with head office in Vancouver BC, Canada and serving satisfied clients across the world.

Our goal is to provide prospective immigrant entrepreneurs with guidance in launching new businesses and starting new lives in selected countries that offer economic migration programs.

The cost of our package starts at $800 and

includes business plan + visa application support

(Payable in 2 installments)

What we do
Although these startup programs offer tremendous opportunities, the application process can be complex and often requires a startup business & immigration expert. The last thing you want is have your application turned down due to a flawed and non-compliant business plan.

Our highly experienced team of experts will assist in preparing and submitting your application to achieve the best possible outcome. 

Our goal

We all recognize that these days, foreign governments have created complicated barriers to entry and immigration rules and regulations are becoming a lot more complex.

In order to qualify to relocate to the UK, Canada or other countries you should target the most viable route/program and then present your best case to the immigration authorities to stand any chance of immigrating.

Our primary goal to provide our clients with the best possible startup business plan package -the first and arguably most important that qualifies you to apply for the startup visa program in the first place.

We help unlock the door to business immigration so that you, your family, friends or employees can a new life and run a new business in your preferred destination country.

Why use our services?

Ensure you get it right the first time! 

A lot of times, many prospective immigrants choose to chart the course of immigration applications by themselves and without the assistance of the experts.

Agreed, the reasons could range from apathy towards hiring experts to a false sense of the self-capability to navigate the path. Unfortunately, a lot of self-guided applications end up with a visa rejection. Visa denials put permanent dents on applicants' profiles and reduces the chances of succeeding in subsequent attempts.

We are experts in developing startup business plans, business incubation and business acceleration strategies. We have the experience and expertise in drafting bespoke industry, sector and country-specific business plans and providing guidance for clients intending to apply for the startup business programs.

Please note that our organization is neither immigration lawyers nor travel agents and are not affiliated in any way with any designated organization.

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Expert help, expert care

Contact us today to access your chances of getting a startup visa and to start your application process.

Our experts make the difference. We are guided by our commitment to professionalism, ethics, and belief in providing our client with access to quality business advice and immigration guidance. 

You can rest assured that you are well represented and protected when we work you.



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