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We assist in developing bespoke business plans, customized to your business, industry, experience and country. The business plans are also specific to the requirements of a targeted startup visa program.

We are experts in advising and guiding startups and prospective candidates for the different Startup visas. Our highly experienced team of experts will assist in preparing and submitting your application to achieve the best possible outcome.


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Business plans FAQ

Why is a business plan required?
The business plan is a non-negotiable requirement for the different startup visa programs. In fact, it is a prerequisite to stand any chance of obtaining an endorsement or letter of support from a designated organization (which are necessary to proceed with the visa application)

What’s a business plan?
What are the elements of the Startup visa business plan?
This depends on many factors including the type of business, the industry and at what stage the business is. One of the most important components of your business plan is the region's market and industry research, competitor assessment and consumer behavior analysis.
Typically, a standard business plan with 23 vital sub-elements would include the Business, Financial  + Marketing Plans :• Executive Summary • Business Brief • Products/Services • Market & Industry Analysis Summary
• SWOT Analysis• Management Summary • Financial Projections • Break-even Analysis • Financial Graphs and Tables •  Competitor Analysis and over 16 other components.


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We are a business and immigration advisory company with its head office in Canada and serving satisfied clients across the world.

Our goal is to provide prospective immigrant entrepreneurs with guidance on launching businesses and starting new lives in selected countries that offer economic migration programs.

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Can I use an existing business plan?
Yes. You may use your existing business plan, but we strongly recommend it be adapted to suit the satartup visa requirements, particularly with regards to scalability and country+region-specif market research, competitor assessment and consumer behavior analysis. Our expertise lies in helping to provide the perfect business plans to improve your chances of approval.

Can I use a generic or template business plan?
Short answer – No. Absolutely not! The startup visa assessment officers are specially trained to detect a generic or template generated business plan. Need we say more?

How extensive should my business plan be?
Again, this depends on many factors including the type of business, the industry, at what stage the business is and the requirements of the requesting organization. Businesses plans can be as little as 30 pages to up to 60 pages and counting. We work with you to advise you on the ideal length of your business plan. 

How long will it take for us to develop your business plans?
Our experience and expertise help ensure that we assist you developing a great business plan in the shortest possible time - typically 5-7 business days. A lot also pretty much depends on the information you provide us and how fast you are at delivering these.

How much do you charge to help develop a business plan?
Our standard fee for assisting to develop a business plan starts at $800. In the unlikely likelihood that we would need to charge a higher fee due to atypical conditions, we would inform you so you can weigh your options before proceeding.

Does your fee cover only business plans?
Our fees are for assisting to develop a business plan. However, we would also provide FREE services including guidance on visa application and other related matters. These may include:

1. Assist in identifying or fine-tuning a qualifying business idea 
2. Help identify and matching you with both the most ideal designated organization to 
3. Guiding you in applying for permanent residency or appropriate visas 
4. Guide and assist you in settling in upon landing in Canada
Please note that we are not obligated to provide these add-on services. Also, we are not immigration lawyers or consultants and any immigration related guidance are provided on advisory basis.



Although these programs offer tremendous opportunities, the application process can be tricky and often requires a business startup expert consultant. The last thing you want is have your application turned down due to a flawed and non-compliant business plan and application package.

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Our highly experienced team of experts will assist in preparing and submitting your application to achieve the best possible outcome.

What we do

ʘ Help identify and match you with both the most ideal designated sponsor organization to obtain your endorsement or letter of support

ʘ Assist in developing or polishing your application and business proposal to the required startup standards ( and which could earn you the required endorsement)

ʘ Guide you in selecting a designated sponsor organization can offer you funding/equity investment into your business

ʘ Assist in registering your company and getting the necessary business permits even before you arrive in the target company

ʘ Guide you in applying for the neccessary visas, permanent residency or the ILR 

ʘ Provide guidance and assist you in settling in upon landing in the target country

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