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Through the Chilean VisaTech Startup visa, Chile issues successful applicants an initial 12-month work visa within 15 days of application. This program is known to offer the fastest approval times of all startup programs.

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What is Chile VisaTech?

Start-Up Chile, a top Latin American accelerator program, is one of the means to secure this visa. Successful applicants receive support, funds (equity-free) and office space to start with. They have helped launch more than 1,300 startups to date.

Chile VisaTech Requirements


- You need a letter of invitation or certificate of sponsorship from InvestChile, Start-Up Chile, or the Undersecretariat of Economy.

- You should be an owner, employee, partner or investor of a tech company in Chile.

- Your tech company must be supported by Start-Up Chile or InvestChile or by a tech company that is a member of Chiletec.

What we do

Although this program offers a tremendous opportunity, the application process can be tricky and may require a business startup expert consultant. The last thing you want is have your application turned down due to a flawed and non-compliant business plan and application package.

Our highly experienced team of experts will assist in preparing and submitting your application to achieve the best possible outcome.

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