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The French Tech Visa is a simplified, fast-track scheme for non-EU startup employees, founders and investors to obtain a residence permit for France. The visa program is designed to help startup founders, employees and investors to live and work in France for 4 years with renewal options. The applicants of this visa can extend the visa to their immediate family members, including dependent children. Also, their spouses receive authorization to live and work in France. You don’t need any additional work permits. French Tech Visa Requirements - The founder has to be selected by one or more of the French Tech Visa partner incubators or accelerators through regular process of selection. - There should be a capital equal to at least the French annual minimum wage of €18,254 - There should be a plan for an economically innovation startup to develop in France. - Founders will have to obtain approval from the Direccte, a French public organization. Although this program offers a tremendous opportunity, the application process can be tricky and may require a business startup expert consultant. The last thing you want is have your application turned down due to a flawed and non-compliant business plan and application package. Our highly experienced team of experts will assist in preparing and submitting your application to achieve the best possible outcome.

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