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What are SOPs?


During your admission process to a university or college, you will be asked to write a statement of purpose - often referred to as SoP. This document is very vital with stringent requirements, and helps in determining your admissibility to a program in a higher institution. 

An SoP is an essay that describes your purpose for applying for a course of study and to a particular university/college. 

Your SoP informs the admission committee about you, what your goals are and details the experiences and achievements that have led you to the decision of pursuing the program at their institution.

Why are SoPs important?


There is a reason why SoPs are accorded so much value and importance in the University/College application process, as well as a reason why most applicants struggle so much with it. It is intentionally made to be challenging, and to require not only great writing and communication skills, but also creativity and dedication.

All admission committees in every university consider SoPs  vital because there are hundreds of applications to be considered each year. Since many prospective students applying for admission into universities score high percentiles in admission tests, the decision makers in admissions committees demand criteria that go beyond just the test scores.


The SoP is your chance to gain a competitive edge over other applicants from all over the world who have presented various qualifications for consideration into the same university that you are applying to.


What we do:


There is a reason why we have been voted as one of the best SoP writing and editing services around. Our superior services help students across the world gain admission into their dream programs in preferred colleges and universities.

With our SoP writing and editing service, you’ll be a proud owner of an admission SoP that not only gets you noticed as an applicant, but also gets you that university/college admission you seek. Little wonder over  90% of our customers are admitted into the top 20 universities in Canada, United States, UK, Australia and other countries.


Wouldn't you like to be one of them?

Types of documents we help with

Statement of Purpose
Letter of Explanation
Personal Statement
Letter of Recommendation
Admission Essay


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Proofreading & Editing

You have a half-finished SoP or Personal Statement, but you still require editing and expert review to improve your writing. Our professional writers will help improve your style and will provide a detailed review of the essay structure, content, and tone.



You require assistance to start writing your SoP or Personal Statement. Our writers would guide you from start through the process, including from brainstorming to the finished piece. 

Special (Customized)


Special purpose write-ups including statements of purpose and letters of explanation for visa applications, draft of  letters of recommendation (reference letters), special cover letters and other customized write-ups.

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Get Professional Statement of Purpose Writing Service From Our Expert Editors

Our service is not one that provides you with an off the shelf statement of purpose or a simple template-driven document. Our experts know the importance of crafting a highly personal document that is going to fully reflect you as a person and meet the specific needs of where you are applying to.


We do this by:

  • Carefully reviewing the specific needs of the institution that you are applying to

  • Reviewing all the information that you supply to compare to those needs

  • Discussing with you for clarification and additional information


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Got admitted to my dream course and University thanks to your service! 

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